30 Years of Bridging Switzerland and Asia

A world in which Switzerland and Asia are seamlessly interconnected, thriving through partnerships and the shared pursuit of untapped economic potential.

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Elevate your next event by partnering with SACC. We offer a professional platform for hosting events that leave a lasting impression – you can benefit from our extensive network spanning Switzerland and Asia, ensuring maximum exposure and networking opportunities!


Our team seamlessly handles all aspects of event management, from logistics to promotion, ensuring a seamless experience. Collaborate with us to create a memorable event that drives growth and fosters meaningful connections.

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If you’re looking to boost your company’s visibility and impact, SACC offers sponsorship packages. As a sponsor, you’ll gain access to a targeted audience of industry leaders and decision-makers from Switzerland and Asia. What’s more, our packages offer flexibility so we can align to your goals, whether that’s showcasing your products, increasing brand awareness, or establishing thought leadership.


Sponsors also receive personalized support from our team from strategic planning to on-site logistics, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional value and return on investment for our sponsors.

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