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A world in which Switzerland and Asia are seamlessly interconnected, thriving through partnerships and the shared pursuit of untapped economic potential.

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Our Industry Committees unite professionals across sectors to innovate, strategize, and drive growth in Swiss-Asian business relations. From technology to finance, healthcare to manufacturing, our committees are the engines propelling industry-specific advancements and opportunities. Find out more about our teams below.

Our Industry Committees

We offer tailored insights and connections for navigating business landscapes across Asia. From market entry strategies to regulatory insights, our committees provide essential support for Swiss businesses seeking to thrive in diverse Asian markets.

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Want to tap into the SACC’s extensive network cultivated over the last three decades? By joining us, you can benefit from our platform’s deep expertise and active engagement in key economic regions. We offer indispensable support for establishing, expanding, and sustaining businesses in vital areas, including the Middle East, Central Asia, South, East, and North Asia. Find out more about membership or become a sponsor below.

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